Arduino test sketch & circuit with iOSC

by iOSC


This project show how to use iOCS Library with Arduino & Ethernet shiled.

This is OSC class library for Arduino and simple test sketching.

OSCclass Arduino library ver1.0.1

  • It is necessary to connect EthernetShiled to Arduino.
  • Connect the iPhone to a Wi-Fi router.
  • Arduino connects with a Wi-Fi router by cable LAN.

  • Please build the Arduino test circuit.

What is iOSC

iOSC is a remote control application that uses the OSC (Open Sound Control) protocol.

Using the OSC protocol over your device’s built-in Wi-Fi connection, iOSC communicates with other compatible hardware and software nodes on your network. You can also remote control the middleware such as Max MSP, Processing, ActionScript (FLOSC) and many other devices that support the OSC protocol from your iPhone.

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RGB room Lightingsystem

by Markus Schmied


The author live in the attic of our House.
Because I often visit friends have had of course something extraordinary!
There are 15 m RGB LED strips to the ceiling. -ca 1000 LEDs. Everything illuminated indirectly!
Screen and blinds are electrically - up and, valid for motors.
Via PC and Smartphone app, he can control everything individually.

Demo video

The Arduino has been made with an Ethernetshield network and communicates well via his home network. The RGB control was expanded from 3 channels to 9. That’s now 3 LED panels can be controlled separately. The Arduino is now supplied with a separate AC adapter and switches to the mains supply via a relay.

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by Eduardo Zola


The author think this may sound familiar to many… Are you away from home when you suddenly need to access remotely your cameras or any other service hosted in your home, BUT your network/internet at home has stopped responding ? You are exactly in the right project.

To solve that, this device will keep pinging some pre-configured websites (or IP addresses) like, google dns, microsoft, facebook… etc.. and then, when none of them respond to a ping after three tries, a relay cuts off power to the cable modem (or to your router as well) for 10 seconds, then a reboot and new sync with the provider will be done.

This is what you will need to build this:


Code is available at

Demo Movie

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