Adafruit Ethernet FeatherWing

by Adafruit


Wireless is wonderful, but sometimes you want the strong reliability of a wire. If your Feather board is going to be part of a permanent installation, this Ethernet FeatherWing will let you add quick and easy wired Internet. Just plug in a standard ethernet cable, and run the Ethernet2 library for cross-platform networking.

Ethernet is a tried-and-true networking standard. It’s supported by every hub and switch, and because there’s a physical connection you don’t have to noodle around with SSIDs, passwords, authentication schemes or antennas. It works great with any of our Feathers, the WIZ5500 chip communicates over SPI plus a single CS pin. The Arduino Ethernet2 library works great, and within a few seconds after connecting, will do the DHCP setup for you. As a nice extra, the RJ-45 jack has both link and activity lights that will light/blink to let you know the current connection status.

Technical Details

  • EagleCAD, Fritzing and datasheet available in the tutorial
  • Product Dimensions: 59.2mm x 22.8mm x 17.5mm / 2.3” x 0.9” x 0.7”
  • Product Weight: 10.0g / 0.4oz

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위즈네트 칩(W5300, W5200, W7100, W7500) 개발자

LSI to enable TCP/IP on the WIZNet W5300 hardware

by MCM


These posts show how to use H8/3048 MCU and WIZnet W5300. The author explained for H8 MCU how to process the internet connectivity with W5300.

Network Module - SHW5300

MCM provides SHW5300 with the Manual

Learn More

These posts are translated Japaness into English by the mircosoft Bing.

1. WIZnet W5300
2. WIZNet W5300 - shity
3. WIZNet W5300 - see w5300.c
4. WIZNet W5300 - netapi.c
5. WIZNet W5300 - w5300.h
6. WIZNet W5300 - netapi.h & typedef.h
7. WIZNet W5300 to access - EEPROM

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위즈네트 칩(W5300, W5200, W7100, W7500) 개발자

Bitsetter - Home Automation

by Michael



This project is started from “BTB2” based on ATMega1248P and WIZ820io. Until now and still, it is developed under the name BitSetter.

The BitSetter allows you to control remotely throgh Web browser the equipments such as relay, Light, sensor node, and etc. And it is useful for your home automation.

The Author, Michael have many experience and skill about WIZnet chips - W5100 & W5200.

On Michael’s web site (, You can show the progress of developing the BitSetter as well as his experience about the W5100 & PoE shield.

  • BitSetter prototype


  • Micheal hacks the Freetronics Ethernet shield for POE.


             Refer to Freetronics Ethernet shield with POE

  • He used also with WIZ810MJ


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위즈네트 칩(W5300, W5200, W7100, W7500) 개발자


by DynamoBen

He made the PropController project based on Parallax Propeller MCU that controlled to some devices with as the following.

• Forward or reverse phase Dimming
• LED Dimming
• Servos
• Motors
• Relays
• Ethernet to multi-universe DMX node or protocol converter

There is two prototypes that can be supported with DMX and Ethernet.
For Ethernet connectivity, He used with WIZ812MJ provided by WIZnet that is consisted of W5100 TCP/IP Chip.


  • Holiday lighting displays
  • Special FX and props
  • Show Control and automation


  • Parallax Propeller 8 core microcontroller
  • RS-485/DMX or Ethernet Interface
  • 4 General I/O headers (4 data pins, 5V, 3.3V, Vin, Gnd)
  • 1 Special I/O header (4 data pins, 5V, 3.3V, Vin, Gnd, I2C, TTL)
  • USB Programming Interface
  • On-board Zero-Cross sensing
  • Bicolor Status LED
  • Low Voltage AC and DC power input (6 to 9 V)
  • Screw Terminal Power connectors
  • Molex KK I/O connectors
  • 3.3V and 5V voltage regulators
  • 5V regulator provide 1 full amp of power for external hardware
  • Compact size: 5.25” x 3.00”
  • Free Development environment

You can download the materials on his site.
Goto original source site

He runs on the forum in

You can see the related thread in the form. Refer to

The related Propeller contents can be shown on the Wiznet Museum.

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위즈네트 칩(W5300, W5200, W7100, W7500) 개발자

The SNARC: Concept to Prototype to Product

by Lawrence Lemming Dixon

SNARCSimple NetworkAble RFID Controller의 약자로 Maker Lemming에 의해 만들어졌다.

SNARC은 RFID를 이용한 출입통제 시스템으로 출입통제에 대한 Data Logging 기능을 위해 WIZ820io를 사용한 것이 특징이다.
Lemming은 호주의 브리지번에 위치한 Hackerspace HSBNE에서 활동하는 Maker로
SNARC을 Tindie에서 기부모금(Fundraiser)을 위해 제작하였으며 개발 과정의 History와 Materials을 에 공유하였다.
Tidie에서 실제 SNARC 제품에 대한 모금페이지는 현재 찾아 볼 수 없어, Fund 모금에 성공했는지는 알 수 없다.

Lemming은 처음에는 Arduino Board와 EM4100 125KHz RFID tags를 이용하여 단순한 출입통제 시스템을 개발하였고, 이를 아래의 4가지 목적을 달성하기 위해 여러 번의 시행 착오를 거쳐 SNARC_PTH V1.3을 완성하게 되었다.

4 Goals for SNARC

  • Small
  • As self contained as possible
  • Cheap
  • Easy to implement


Lemming은 누구나 싶게 만들 수 있도록 하기 위해 SMT part를 사용하지 않고 PTH Part만을 사용하여 DIY 제품을 만들어 4번째 Goal(Easy to implement)를 달성하였다.

Tip for WIZ820io

Lemming이 ATmega328-pu와 WIZ820io의 Reset을 같은 Signal로 처리하였으나, 둘 간의 Reset Time이 서로 맞지 않는 문제(WIZ820io Reset Time이 훨씬 길다 - 150ms 이상)를 해결하기 위해 ATmega328pu의 GPIO를 이용하여 WIZ820io의 Reset Signal을 제어하여 해결하였다.

Learn more

Lemming’s site :
Source open :,

The related article :

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위즈네트 칩(W5300, W5200, W7100, W7500) 개발자

Using the Arduino Ethernet shield with AMICUS18 (Part 1~4)

by HenrikOlsson

저자는 의 Forum에 적극적으로 활동하고 있으며, picbasic의 Forum에서 PIC 기반의 AMICUS18 Open source hardware board에 Arduino Ethernet Shield를 사용하는 방법을 공유하였다. pisbasic에서 그의 Forum 내용을 총 4회 걸쳐 기사화 하였다.

AMICUS18 board

PIC 기반의 Arduino Comapatible board로 Crownhill’s Proton BASIC 언어의 개발환경을 제공한다.

Part 1

Part 1에서는 Arduino Ethernet Board를 AMICU18 Board에 연결하기 위해 SPI 신호 핀을 연결하는 방법을 설명한다.

  • AMICUS18 board는 ICSP HEADER가 없으므로, SD 카드와 Ehternet을 사용하기 위해 Ethernet Shield를 수정하고 연결하는 방법을 설명한다.

[Learn More…]

Part 2

Part 2에서는 PIC MCU의 UART 및 SPI Interface 제어를 위한 코드와 W5100 Memory Map 정의 파일을 설명한다.

  • Code

    ' By default the AMICUS18 board uses the PIC18F25K20, make sure to
    ' set up MCSP or whatever IDE is being used to compile for the
    ' correct device.
    DEFINE LOADER_USED 1            ' We're using a bootloader.
    DEFINE HSER_RCSTA 90h           ' Enable serial port & continuous receive
    DEFINE HSER_TXSTA 24h           ' Enable transmit, BRGH = 1
    DEFINE HSER_CLROERR 1           ' Clear overflow automatically
    DEFINE HSER_SPBRG 138           ' 115200 Baud @ 64MHz, -0,08%
    SPBRGH = 0
    BAUDCON.3 = 1                   ' Enable 16 bit baudrate generator
    TRISC = %10010111
    ' RC7: USART RX
    ' RC6: USART TX
    ' RC5: ETHERNET SPI Data out (SDO/MOSI)
    ' RC4: ETHERNET SPI Data in (SDI/MISO)
    ' RC3: ETHERNET SPI clock (SCK) set to INPUT according to datasheet....
    ' RC2: N/U - currently
    ' RC2: N/U - currently
    ' RC1: N/U - currently
    TRISB = %11011011
    ' RB7: N/U - currently
    ' RB6: N/U - currently
    ' RB5: ETHERNET Chip select line to W5100
    ' RB4: N/U - currently
    ' RB3: N/U - currently
    ' RB2: ETHERNET Chip select line to SD-Card
    ' RB1: N/U and can not be used with the Ethernet shield
    ' RB0: ETHERNET Interrupt pin from W5100

[Learn More…]

Part 3

Part3에서는 WIZnet W5100 Interface Routine code를 작성하고, 이를 이용하여 Network Information을 설정 후 Ping test를 통해 W5100 Internet 통신을 확인한다.

  • Ping Test

[Learn More…]

Part 4

Part4에서는 WIZnet W5100 Internet 송수신을 위한 Routine을 작성하고 이를 이용하여, Web Client의 Request Message를 UART 출력을 통해 보여준다.

  • HTTP Request

[Learn More…]

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위즈네트 칩(W5300, W5200, W7100, W7500) 개발자

E-blocks internet board

by marrixtsl

Matrixtsl사는 PIC, AVR, ARM과 같은 다양한 MCU의 E-Block Board를 시리즈를 개발하고 제공한다.이 중에서 Internet을 가능하게 하는 Eblock internet board 제품은 WIZnet의 W5100WizFi610를 이용하여 Ethernet 과 WiFi Connectivity를 제공한다.
또한, E-Block은 Codeflow라는 독특한 개발환경으로 Program Language 대신 Flowchart 기술 방식으로 기능을 개발한다.

E-Block Internet Modules

  • EBlock Internet Moudle - WIZ810MJ or NM7010

    Based on the W5100 hardwired TCP/IP stack chip from WizNET, this E-blocks board adds Ethernet functionality to an existing microprocessor based system without the necessity of developing the TCP/IP software stack. As well as the Ethernet protocol the module supports 10/100 connection and a number of protocols including UDP, IP, ARP, ICMP, DCHP, ARP, DLC and MAC. The unit interfaces to a microprocessor using I2C serial communication. The patch jumpers on the board allow more than one Ethernet module to be connected to the I2C bus. Flowcode macros for this E-block are available in the Professional version of Flowcode.
  • EBlock Internet Moudle - WizFi610

    The Wireless LAN E-block board allows easy access to standard wireless local area networks. The onboard TCP/IP stack allows for easy communications without the need for a TCP/IP stack on the microcontroller. The board is capable of being a client or a server on a network meaning that the E-block can also be used to host a wireless network. The board is also capable of serving html and javascript compatible web pages in either mode. The board is compatible with the wireless LAN Flowcode component.


  • E-Block


Download from

How to Learn

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위즈네트 칩(W5300, W5200, W7100, W7500) 개발자

ARM Cortex M3 Dev Board

by Nathan Zimmerman

Alt Text

Nathan Zimmermanl has been aiding in developing an Embedded 2 class of North Dakota State University(NDSU) . For the class he attempted to develop a flexible and cheap dev board that could host numerous advance applications such as Ethernet and USB.
He selected the WIZnet W5200 for cheaper & easiser Ethernet solution.

Dev Board Features:

  • LPC1768 ARM Cortex M3 MCU
  • W5200 SPI based Ethernet Controller
  • 160×128 Color LCD Display
  • 2nd USB port hooked directly to the LPC1768 for more advance USB applications
  • 6 LEDs, 4 push buttons, 1 potentiometer
  • NRF24L01 SPI Wireless Module
  • Can be powered via USB or wall-wart plugin
  • Micro is modular and thus can be easily replaced
  • Raw part costs for these boards at quantity x10 is roughly 70 usd.

The board is compatible with the following IDE’s / JTAG Programers:
LPC Xpresso Board & Code Red IDE (+ FreeRTOS)
Ulink2 Programer & Keil IDE

Learn More…
He made DIY Walking Desk using WIZnet Wifi solution WizFi210.

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위즈네트 칩(W5300, W5200, W7100, W7500) 개발자

Home Security







vysocan76(Adam Baron, blog) 님이 Hack a Day  에 2014년 3월 24일에 출품한 Project로 Arduino-custom-board를 기반으로 아래의 구성품과 함께  Home Automation & Secrurity 기능을 구현중에 있습니다. 아직 미완성인듯 합니다.


  • 1 × ATMEGA 1284P custom main board Arduino environment compatiblie board with inputs outputs modified to work with sensors.
  • 1 × ATMEGA 168P custom entry board Arduino environment compatiblie board for remote enty.
  • 1 × wiz820io Ethernet connection.
  • 1 × RFM12B Electronic Components / Misc. Electronic Components
  • 1 × PIR sensors PIR Sensors
  • 1 × Smoke sensors
  • 1 × Pizeo alarm
  • 1 × GSM SIEMENS TC35 SMS Board GSM SIEMENS TC35 SMS Board with LM2596 and UART

여기서 눈에 띄는 것은 WIZ820io를 사용하여 인터넷 기능을 구현하였으며, 나에게는 생소한 NilRTOS를 사용했다는 점이다. 아래에 보는 바와 같이 다양한 Thread가 NilRTOS 하에 운영되고 있음을 알 수 있다.




또한 WIZ820io 운영상에 아래와 같은 문제가 있어 수정하여 Github에 Publish 하였네요.


And packets started for flow through. For a short while, or they would go on on the main board, but the Ethernet stopped working. They both work on the SPI and the RTOS has no direct driver for it. A solution  worked fine:

#elif defined(__AVR_ATmega1284P__)
  #warning W5200 for AlarmBoard only!
  inline static void initSS()    { DDRB  |=  _BV(1); };
  inline static void setSS()     { cli(); PORTB &= ~_BV(1); };  // no interrupt while the SPI bus is busy
  inline static void resetSS()   { PORTB |=  _BV(1); sei();};   // no interrupt while the SPI bus is busy

Edit the Arduino Ethernet library file W5100.h so that it doesn’t allow RFM12b to interrupt while the SPI bus is busy handling Wiznet5100. Just add a cli(); and sei();. I will publish the modified libraies to GitHub.



Sense Node와 IOT Cloud에 응용에 관심있으신 분들에게 좋은 자료가 될 것 같아 소개합니다.



관련 URL








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위즈네트 칩(W5300, W5200, W7100, W7500) 개발자

W5500 Breakout


W5500을 이용한 Open source hardware 모듈

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밤소 MidnightCow

위즈네트 칩(W5300, W5200, W7100, W7500) 개발자