7 inch display board with WizFi210

by MCSElec


This post show the UDP connection with the WizFi210 and Android phone. You can show the same displays with your smartphone on 7 inch touch-screen. Using your smart phone, you can controll and monitors your home device such as light, temperature, and humidity.

The MCSElec explains how to use WizFi210 and 7 inch touch screen on this post.

How to use WizFi210

  • WIZFI210 Wireless network
  • BTM220 Class 1 bluetooth
  • Bluegiga WT41 1 kilometer bluetooth
  • SCP1000 barometer
  • DS1337 clock with battery backup
  • RS232
  • Alvidi AVRB Atxmega128A1 module
  • 7 inch display
  • FT232RL USB
Source code

Include a PDF-file for the 7 inch display and some pictures for the Alvidi on-board SD-card : Download Ssd1963_7inch.zip

DS1338-33 clock

Put a DS1338-33 clock IC on the board. It is the 3,3 volts 1307.
Got some help to get soft I2c running, the command $forcesofti2c did the trick. And if you study the history.txt files of the Bascom-AVR updates, you will find this command.


HKipnik made an example how to make an UDP connection between the 7 inch display board and a Android SmartPhone.

To configure the WIZFI210 with WPA or WEP key, with DHCP or fixed IP and to have it auto-connect a level converter RS232 from PC straight to the WIZFI210.

Bascom, Android and Wireless, all credit goes to HKipnik alias HKBascom alias Heiko.

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위즈네트 칩(W5300, W5200, W7100, W7500) 개발자

DIY Smart Home Sensors with Arduino, MySensors and OpenHAB

by Jame Bruce

What We’re Making

The basic idea is that rather than adding onto our existing crowded local network using unreliable Wi-Fi or expensive Ethernet shields, we create an entirely separate mesh-capable network just for the Arduinos; then bridge that to the local network using a single gateway node, which has both an Ethernet connection and a radio connection to the other Arduinos. So we’re making a couple of sensor nodes, which gather data; and a gateway node, which relays that data onto the OpenHAB server.

Again, this is what works for me, because my Wi-Fi reception is so horrendous and I don’t want to clutter it with unnecessary data. If you’re happy with Wi-Fi, look at using the low cost ESP8266 Arduino-compatible with built-in Wi-Fi boards – MySensors supports those too.

Important Note for El Capitan Users and Arduino Clones: Apple managed to break the serial drivers used to communicate with a number of Arduino clone boards in the latest release of El Capitan thanks to new security measures. To see if you’re affected, look at your board and the chip closest the USB port. If it says CH340, you’re affected by this. Follow the instructions here to disable driver kext signing, install CH340 serial drivers again.


  • For the gateway, you’ll need:

    • Arduino Uno
    • Ethernet Shield (W5100 based)
    • NRF24L01 module – I’ve used the +PA+LNA versions throughout, which have an increased range of up to 1km. The wiring is the same whichever you choose.
  • For each sensor node:

    • Arduino Uno
    • NRF24L01 module
    • Sensors (to start with, I’d suggest a temperature and humidity DHT11 or DHT22 module)

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위즈네트 칩(W5300, W5200, W7100, W7500) 개발자

Zone Beacon

위즈네트/ETC 2015.11.11 09:43

Zone Beacon

By Zone Beacon

Zone Beacon은 Centralite사의 시리얼 기반 홈제어 제품에 WIZnet의 Serial-2-Ethernet 제품인 WIZ110SR를 연결하여 원격에서도 가전기기를 제어할 수 있도록 구성된 제품이다.


  • Part 1: Getting your devices connected.
  • Part 2: Getting the Gateway ready communicate with Zone Beacon.
  • Part 3: Setting up your first Zone from start to finish in Zone Beacon.


데모는 http://zonebeacon.com/demo.php 확인할 수 있다.

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밤소 MidnightCow

위즈네트 칩(W5300, W5200, W7100, W7500) 개발자

Another Home Automation System- Forget me Not

by Inderpreet

This project is part of “Forget Me not” At Element14.com .
The project consists of several open source hardware platform such as Auduino Ethernet, Raspberry Pi, EnOcean sensor, CC3200, and MSP430 CC250.


The following picture show the architecture very well.
This home-automation project is composed with Open source hardware platforms and serveral sensor module.


Blog posts

Authos is well noted on element14 about making them.

How to use WIZnet Ethernet in the project?

Arduino Ethernet is used for MQTT client. The Arduino Ethernet IOT device operates with a Current Sensor and a Present Sensor(PIR).


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밤소 MidnightCow

위즈네트 칩(W5300, W5200, W7100, W7500) 개발자